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 The breakthrough in playing the lottery!

 Increase your odds..
     and never play blind again!

For beginners:

  • Use the Wizard to pick lottery numbers that are most likely to come up. Choose a group, a lucky pair, triad or a 'dead cert'.
  • Create tickets with prize-guarantee Tickets Generator.
  • Take advantage of the Golden Set function. Calculate an optimal group that is worth playing at the moment.
  • Save money - narrow down your list of numbers and reduce the number of combinations. Keniox will also offer advice on whether you should play .. or you wait a few draws
For advanced players:
  • Have a look at How To Play section, where on real examples you can get to know the number selection process.
  • Study former advantageous numbers groups situations - turn back time and learn by playing 'offline', spotting trends, doing 'what if' analysis and more..
  • When you notice a balance in all groups - use the Numbers Map to see the details
  • Participate in Keniox development. Your ideas and suggestions really count! After all, it is also your lottery program.

What else makes our solution unique?

  • Keniox contains only useful functions. Other websites offer dozens of them, most of them useless. Here, every function serves specific purpose. They are interlinked through their functionality and give a better picture of the whole system.
  • Every particular lotto game has specifically designed sets of numbers to play.
  • It's easy to interpret; probability theory is no longer a challenge. Keniox presents clear statistical charts and tables. Forget ambiguity..
  • Keniox supports almost every lottery (including these with many draws per day and 1 or 2 bonus balls). No matter if it is American (Powerball, Mega Millions), European (Euro Millions, SuperEnaLotto) or other games.. see currently Supported Lotteries for details.
  • Totally intuitive and customizable User Interface; arrange everything as you like and never get lost in the flood of data.
  • Draw results are downloaded automatically.
  • Keniox is completely risk free. Satisfaction Guaranteed or 14 days "no questions money back".
  • Free program updates!

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