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Keniox 2.0 is here!!! Neural net support (with machine learning). We received confirmation from players who have recently won - 49's UK lottery (September 26th and October 3rd) - with easy to predict situations among groups of numbers. Everything with the new version of the picking numbers Wizard. Check the LOWER PRICES in October! We encourage Lottery Players to send ideas, suggestions and comments for enhancing Keniox! >>NEWS: We have just added Gosloto (Russian lottery) :)


Stop playing blind !

   Pick your lottery numbers
                          with Keniox

..the intelligent lottery assistant.

    If you are seriously interested in winning some money, not only filling the pockets of lottery organizers, read on.

     There are no flashing adverts or surprise big prizes here. We make no empty promises but..

   With Keniox you can count on: comprehensive description of number selection based on real examples, real draws, dates, numbers, you get a clear and unambiguous step -by -step Wizard .

     Perhaps you’ve already visited some other lottery websites. If so, you’ve probably noticed that such websites usually:

  • Offer “amazing” lottery guides promising “big winnings”, though without giving clear explanations.
  • Contain many unrelated statistics, which taken out of context, don't give you the whole picture, don't contain any real examples, or a proof that they actually work.

Keniox is different.   Read more..

     If you have any questions please have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page, and go through a detailed, step by step explanation on how to use Keniox functions, Wizard and How To Play.
     You can always contact us - directly. After all it's your knowledge, experience and ideas that helped us create and constantly improve this lottery software! Read our players testimonials..

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